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CyberDevil's latest activity

  • CyberDevil
    CyberDevil reacted to J0ker's resource XF2 XenForo Enhanced Search 2.1.4 Released with Love Love.
    XenForo Enhanced Search 2.1.4 is now available for free downloads. We recommend that all running previous versions of XenForo Enhanced...
  • CyberDevil
    CyberDevil reacted to Admin's resource XF2 [Xenbros] Home Blog for Xenforo2 with Love Love.
    Home-blog addon allow you to you get a latest thread of selected node on separate page with pagination like wordpress blog on xenforo...
  • CyberDevil
    CyberDevil reacted to Admin's resource XF2 Seeder with Like Like.
    SeederForXF2 This add-on helps in filling development board with dummy data. Usage To start seeding all supported content types run...
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