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[8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO 1.2.2b

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XenPorta 2 is an article system with a widget framework; one that most people will probably use as a portal. Using XenPorta 2, you can more easily promote valued content on your forums, as well as manage fully modular widgets around your website.

Article Features:
  • Ability to promote content from your forums into "articles".
  • Ability to promote content from your forums into a feature slider.
  • Articles can be promoted in the "future"; then will only appear when the time has passed.
  • Auto-promote threads based on their parent forum.
  • Promotions can have unique content from the thread itself.
  • Promotions can have thumbnails sourced from various attachments.
  • User alerts for when threads get promoted into articles.
  • Articles index featuring paginated articles and features.
  • Articles index supports Desandro's Masonry for multi-column layouts.
  • Articles index supports Paul Irish's Infinite Scroll for endless pages.
  • Articles index can have it's own forced skin.
  • Articles index has it's own "Home" navigation menu.
  • Special article view to look like news content, instead of a thread.
  • Articles can be categorized and tagged with custom keywords.
  • Author byline system with extended author information.
  • Categories, Tags and Authors have their own articles list page.
  • Users can "exclude" categories that may not interest them from the articles index.
  • Each category and tag can have their own forced skin.
  • Users can re-arrange the articles index with preset widgets to more personalize their portal.
  • Support for local, Disqus and Facebook comments.
  • Support for various social media icons through "Add-This".
  • RSS feeds for the index, categories, tags and authors.
Widget Features:
  • Widget framework can be extended into ANY view within XenForo.
  • Layout system has built in hierarchy based on priorities.
  • Widget "duplication" is possible with custom option sets.
  • Widgets are very easy to create using built in XenForo interfaces.
  • Over 30 included widgets.
Included Widgets:
  1. Affiliate Links
  2. Articles (Main) - the article list
  3. Articles Random - a random article within the past X days
  4. Articles Simple - a simple inline article list
  5. Attachment Slider
  6. Author Related - displays the current linked author (article view and author view pages)
  7. Countdown Timer
  8. Facebook Like Box
  9. Features (Main) - the feature slider
  10. Forum Statistics
  11. Google Adsense
  12. Keywords (Categories) - a list of categories and the number of articles belonging to it
  13. Keywords (Tags) - a tag cloud
  14. League Rotation - displays the currently free champions in League of Legends
  15. Live Feed (by Milano) - Live Feed
  16. Poll Block
  17. Raw HTML - an empty block where you can use HTML
  18. Resources Featured - XenForo Resource Manager
  19. Resources Top - XenForo Resource Manager
  20. Share Page
  21. Status Updates - for XF1.4+
  22. Status Updates (Legacy) - for XF1.3
  23. Tag Cloud
  24. TaigaChat (by Luke Foreman) - TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox
  25. TaigaOnline - shows members currently in chatroom
  26. TeamSpeak3 Server - displays a TS3 status widget
  27. Threads Recent
  28. Threads Tabbed
  29. Today's Birthdays
  30. Today's Top Posters
  31. Twitter Timeline
  32. Users Active today
  33. Users Online
  34. XenAtendo: Upcoming Events
  35. XenAtendo2: Upcoming Events
  36. XenCarta: Navigation
  37. XenMedio: Cloud
  38. XenMedio: Recent Media
  39. XenRio: Live Streams
  40. XenTorneo: Rankings
  • upload the contents of the attached zip to your XF root
  • install from file on server: "library/EWRporta2/addon-EWRporta2.xml"
  • set options for the portal in administration control panel
  • set usergroup permissions for administration rights
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