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[Aayush] Hide Hack v1 1.5.3

No permission to download
This addon gives users the ability to hide their content using BbCode.


  • Six different BBCode to Hide Contents.
    1. [HIDE-REPLY] -> Content within this tag is not shown to user until he/she replies in that thread.
    2. [HIDE-POSTS] -> Content within this tag can only be seen by people's who have more posts than defined number of posts.
    3. [HIDE-THANKS] -> Content within can only be seen after the user click's "Like" button.
    4. [HIDE-REPLY-THANKS] -> Content within this tag is not shown to user until he/she either reply or press "Like" button.
    5. [SHOWTOGROUPS] -> Content within this tag is only shown to defined usergroups.
    6. [HIDE] -> This tag can be mapped to any of the above BBCodes. (Default - [HIDE-REPLY])

  • No Template or File Edits.
  • Case-Insensitive Tags.
  • Uses AJAX technology for (HIDE-REPLY, HIDE-THANKS, and HIDE-REPLY-THANKS).
  • Global and Per-Forum Basis XenForo settings for each tag.
  • Ability to specify usergroups that can always see hidden content.
  • There is no way to go around the tags. They are parsed correctly everywhere, including:
    • View Thread
    • Search
    • NewsFeed
    • Thread Preview
    • Email
    • Meta Description
    • Quote

  • Extract attached zip and upload the contents of the "upload" to your XF root.
  • Install from uploaded file: addon-vfcoders_hide_hack.xml
  • Set options for the hide hack in administration control panel.
  • Set usergroup permissions of each group for hide hack.
  • Disable Cache BB Code output
Shortcut code, can be mapped to any of the below ones. By default, it is mapped to HIDE-REPLY.

Information is not shown to people who have less than X posts. Has an alternative syntax: [HIDE-POSTS][/HIDE-POSTS], where X is automatically set to the value defined in vBulletin options.

Information is not shown to people unless they reply.

Information is now shown to people unless they press "Like" button.

Information is not shown to people unless they either reply or press "Like" button.

Information is not shown to people unless they are a member of the X usergroups, where X is a comma-separated list of usergroupids.
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