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October 1st, 2018 | Theme Version 1.0.5

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This is a major new release for Aftermath theme, bringing it up to date with the latest Xenforo 2.0.10, and feature upgrades with the latest NulumiaBase 2.1.3 framework. Aftermath now has all the latest features such as full-width theme mode, featured HTML widgets, node grid & custom node backgrounds, and more!

Upgrade Notes

This update introduces new theme files, including images and a new Jquery functions file. You may need to clear your browser cache and refresh your page in order to see the new updates correctly.

New node grid support with custom node backgrounds


Full-width theme mode with HTML Featured Widgets



October 1st, 2018 | Theme Version 1.0.2

NulumiaBase Changes
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to 2.1.3
  • New Features
    • Added new [Nulumia] UI Elements property group for handling new and additional style properties
    • Added new universal dot control property (shared for notices, featured widgets and logo icon slider) (available via [Nulumia] UI Elements group)
    • Added support for node grid and custom node backgrounds for several themes
  • Misc Improvements
    • Reassigned numerous color property methods throughout all themes
    • Reworked Color Palette, Basic Colors & Content Areas property groups, improved how content areas inherit their styling
    • Tweaked the color appearance of form type areas in several themes
    • Restyled all notices to use default XF2 content area types (content, alternate, accent etc)
    • Reworked floating notices to specify borders for individual notice types
    • Reworked various text color using default xf-diminish and xf-intensify handlers
    • Improved margins around several H tag elements where margins were not necessary
  • Framework Related
    • Replaced new improved Jquery method of drawing the header background in certain themes
    • Added new [Nulumia] UI Elements property group
    • Removed some console logging functions in custom Jquery
    • Rearranged some custom properties in the [Nulumia] Node Settings property group for better organization
    • Deprecated some unnecessary properties in the [Nulumia] Sidebar Settings group, moved several to the default Sidebar or Blocks group
  • Header & Navigation
    • Matched visitor tab styling to main nav tabs
    • Added new custom property to style the navigation when sticky mode is activated
  • Sidebar
    • Removed the Sidebar Tabbed Widget Heading property from the [Nulumia] Sidebar Settings group. Checking this feature now simply pulls styling form the Block Heading property in the Blocks property group.
    • Improved styling of category lists/menus in the sidebar, such as on Resources or Media pages. Menu items now have more consistent styling and better alignment with the expand/collapse category trigger, and now use item row hover styling.
  • Slider
    • Added new default slides in several themes
  • Forum & Node Listing
    • Removed the underline or hover underline from from node category titles in several all themes
    • Improved styling for node stats icons, now will correctly use proper colors whether a light or dark theme
    • Fixed a bug where node titles would not pull styling from the custom Node Title property
    • Fixed a bug where the node last post box would overflow the container in some themes
    • Added a new property to control the read/unread icon block width. Adjascent elements now automatically adjust position relative to the block in different configurations (node grid or custom node backgrounds)
    • Fixed styling of the read/unread icon block in several themes
Theme Changes
  • Added full-width theme mode
  • Restyled all primary content area types
  • Updated slider and dot control buttons
  • Improved styling and layout of the visitor tabs in the header upper right module
  • Restyled floating notices
  • Moved over XF1 theme node category description styling
  • Slightly tweaked appearance of Aftermath theme widget styles
NulumiaBase Changes
Misc Improvements
  • Fixed several bugs with ul and ol lists not displaying correctly
Framework Related
  • Deleted several unused custom properties from the [Nulumia] Sidebar Settings property group. Moved the tabbed block head property to the Xenforo Sidebar property group
  • Changed the tabbed block heading option in the [Nulumia] Sidebar Settings property group. When enabled, sidebar widget headings now use the Block heading property within the Blocks property group. When unchecked, they use the default Block minor heading.
Featured Content Slider
  • Added the block-container class to the Featured Container Slider by default (when no custom changes are made to the slider container property, it will display as a standard block type element)
Mod Related
  • Updated compatibility with the latest version of Collapsable Categories & Donation in Sidebar mods
    Added the block-container class to the Featured
NulumiaBase Changes
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to 2.1.2
  • New Features
    • Added 3 column support to the flexible node grid layout
    • Reworked theme drop shadows to be more consistent. Now uses the box-shadow property defined in the [Nulumia] Background Settings property group.
    • Added theme node-sprite.png & PSD to theme file package. The option to use XF1-style image node icons was present but no image was preset in the theme.
    • Added new feature (from XF1 theme) to adjust floating text colors when using dark custom backgrounds and specify additional classes
    • Added new feature to specify alignment of node custom backgrounds
  • Misc Improvements
    • Matched navigation open popup menu tabs to the regular hover tab styles (Now are only two tab states instead of three: regular & hover)
    • Fixed a bug which caused the "<" arrow on the mobile breadcrumb to not display correctly
    • Removed the "<" arrow on the mobile breadcrumb on the forum index (arrow not necessary)
    • Fixed a bug where the first item of the mobile breadcrumb would not have correct padding
    • Added hover transitions to more elements
    • Fixed several bugs where block headings would have incorrect text color
    • Made several small improvements to Basic Colors, Color Palette, borders and feature border properties
    • Matched popup menu headers with regular block header types
    • Slightly improved styling of the page navigation items
  • Logo Icon Slider
    • Set default visible slides per device layout (wide = 3, tablet = 2, mobile = 1). Was previously set to 3 for each setting
  • Background Settings
    • Removed hard-coded drop shadow modules in favor for the new global drop-shadow property set in [Nulumia] Background Settings property group
    • Added new option to set global hover transition speed {available via [Nulumia] Background Settings property group)
    • Added optional field to specify additional classes to apply the theme drop shadows
    • Added new feature (from XF1 theme) to adjust floating text colors when using dark custom backgrounds and specify additional classes
    • Added optional field to specify additional classes to apply the floating text color fix
  • Framework related
    • Removed some legacy hover transition CSS
    • Reworked handling of page edge spacing & padding across different responsive widths, now is more consistent
  • Nodes & Forum Listing
    • Node category title headers now use theme drop shadows when the category title & description option are separated
    • Overhauled the node grid feature with improved CSS, is now more responsive and flexible on different layouts
    • The node grid feature can now handle up to three flexible columns, and automatically switch column layouts depending on the space available
    • Matched the node stats text color on mobile layouts when using Node Backgrounds set to display as node background
    • Added feature to change the original point of the node background images (Center/Center, Center/Top, etc) (available via [Nulumia] Node Settings property group)
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to 2.1.1
  • Misc Improvements
    • Improved styling of block link lists
    • Fixed a bug where input borders would not appear
    • Slightly tweaked handling of certain color palette properties and text colors
  • Framework Related
    • Reworked custom handling of node styling in various configurations - node grid, hover node colors, etc
  • Nodes & Forum Listing
    • Added new property to style block-container elements around node listings
    • Added new conditional styling for when node grids with space between nodes are enabled
    • Fixed a bug which was causing node hover colors to now work under certain conditions
    • Fixed a bug which could cause forum node layouts to break on certain responsive views when grid node layout is enabled
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to 2.1.0
  • New Features
    • Added Node Grid Layout feature (available via [Nulumia] Node Settings property group)
    • Added Custom Node Backgrounds feature (available via [Nulumia] Node Settings property group)
    • Added extensive compatibility with [TH] Node Grid addon
    • Added setting to center the header logo (available via [Nulumia] Header & navigation settings property group)
  • Misc Improvements
    • Improved styling of block link lists
    • Improved styling of scrolling notices
    • Added box-shadow to various elements
    • Improved CSS handling of adding drop shadows to elements, added conditionals to add/remove depending on certain configurations
    • Matched overlay form headers with regular block header types
  • Framework Related
    • Reorganized and relabeled numerous properties within the [Nulumia] style property groups for better clarity
    • Moved node related classes from nl_body_classes to nl_node_classes template
  • Header
    • Reworked styling of the responsive navigation links & icon colors
    • The text-based logo now works within the responsive mobile navigation
    • Fixed a bug where the header social icons would not respond to mouse-over
  • Featured & Logo Icon Sliders
    • Fixed a bug which would cause the Featured Content slider to not appear in some cases
      Fixed text colors within featured widgets
    • Fixed a bug where the logo icon slider would not appear when using the above footer & narrow width configuration
    • Fixed margins between the logo icon slider and adjascent content when placed in certain locations
  • Nodes & Forum Listing
    • Added setting to hide the read/unread icon box
    • Added setting to hide the node stats block
    • Added setting to hide the node last post block
    • Added setting to move the node stats block to below the node title
    • Added setting to use FontAwesome icons instead of labels for the node stats
    • Added setting to separate node category title & description
    • Corrected drop shadow color of FontAwesome icons within the subforum and node stats areas
    • Changed the default FontAwesome icon for subfolders to the folder icon type
  • Footer
    • Added setting to move the footer links & chooser bar to different positions
    • Fixed a padding bug in the footer top rows in several themes
  • Mod Related
    • Added compatibility with [TH] Node grid addon
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to 2.0.9
  • New Features
    • Added FontAwesome icons to the login and register visitor tabs
    • Added default footer overlay image (from XF1 theme edition) (left disabled by default)
  • Misc Improvements
    • Improved theme-functions.js file, added native headerProxy element scaling and window resize function
    • Overhauled handling of theme feature macro templates (PAGE_CONTAINER and nl_feature_insert templates)
    • Moved all custom theme Jquery to nl_functions_js template and reverted the page_js_container template
    • Fixed incorrect appearance of text lists
  • Slider
    • Fixed a layout bug which caused the slider to appear twice on some pages when full-width mode was enabled
  • Featured & Logo Icon Sliders
    • Added block-container styling by default to the Featured and Logo Icon sliders
    • Matched the Featured Content Slider directional arrows to FontAwesome
  • Nodes & Forum Listing
    • Updated CSS handling of the node & forum list. Added and reworked several Style Properties in the Node & forum list property group. Can now style the main forum node list wrapper and groupings of nodes separately
    • Separate or default inline node category descriptions can now be changed via new setting (available via [Nulumia] Node Settings property group). Changed template handling of template modification to inline Jquery function (this is a temporary solution to prevent template modification conflicts in several plugins)
  • Mod Related
    • Added compatibility with Collapsable Categories addon
    • Added much better style integration with [XD] Featured Threads Slider
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to 2.0.8
  • New Features
    • Updated to latest Xenforo 2.0.9
    • Merged all necessary templates to latest versions
    • Added new HTML Featured Widgets system (available via [Nulumia] Featured Content property group)
    • Added new Text-based Logo feature (available via [Nulumia] Header & Navigation property group)
    • Added new text-based subtitle/motto (can be used with traditional image or with the main text-based logo feature)
    • Added option to use Alternating Node Row colors (available via [Nulumia] Node Settings property group)
    • Added option to use Node Hover Row colors (available via [Nulumia] Node Settings property group)
    • Increased the avatar size within threads
  • Misc Improvements
    • Changed footer sample thumbnails to SSL external images
    • Added default CSS animated types for new Featured Widgets system
    • Sync'd various block type headers' inner padding
    • Fixed some padding issues around the slider and logo icon slider
    • Fixed a z-index issue with footer top row parallax backgrounds in certain new browser versions
  • Mod Related
    • [AH] Discord Widget
    • [AH] Twitter Widget
    • [SC] Facebook Page in SideBar
    • [SC] Instagram Page in SideBar
    • [SC] Online Status Indicator
    • [SC] Partner Widget in SideBar
    • [SC] Sidebar Donation
    • [SC] Support Us Widget in SideBar
    • [SC] Twitter Page in SideBar
    • [SC] YouTube Channel in SideBar
    • [Widget] Popular threads and posts
    • [XD] Featured Threads Slider
    • [XD] Popular Tags Cloud
    • Siropu Chat
    • Siropu Shoutbox
    • DL6 - Tag Cloud Widget
    • Line Numbers
    • Nested Quotes
    • Private Threads