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Ali Raza

XF2 Auto Watch Thread and Forum on Registration 1.0

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Motivate forum activity with this powerful community engagement tool.

This add-on automatically subscribes new users to specific forums and/or threads during registration.

  • Auto Watch Forum.
  • Send notification for:
    • New threads
    • New messages
    • Don't send notifications
  • Send notifications via:
    • Alerts
    • Emails
  • Auto Watch Thread.
    • [ID]
  • Watch this thread... :
    • and receive email notifications
    • without receiving email notifications
  1. Unzip the file locally. Inside it, you will see an upload directory. You'll be uploading the contents of this directory.
  2. Using your FTP client, navigate to the XenForo root directory on the server, and upload the contents of the upload directory into it. Ensure that you "merge" with the existing contents on the server.
  3. If you are upgrading an add-on, this should overwrite some existing files.
  4. Once the files are uploaded, in the XenForo control panel, go to the Add-ons section. The add-on should now be listed as installable or upgradeable. Click the relevant button and follow the on-screen instructions.
Ali Raza
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