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Brivium - Donation Manager 1.4.2

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Charity donation or Project Donation is becoming popular anytime in the world. Nowadays many young artists want to bring their own “child” to the public, however, it seem impossible when they have no money in hands. With any ideas come up without money to make it come true, the Donation money seems to be a Savior. If your site is a forum of creativities or new inventions, you could benefit for members to help them publishing books or turning out a new innovation for life needed. This add-on could help you for realization that dream.

This mod allows admin to manage all the donation system inside a forum. Besides, this mod is designed to allow any guest or user could donate for any charity campaign or other projects, so all you need to do is setting up it in the public status. The donors could manage their own donation in just only one screen. By clicking in the Management box, they could see what project they put money in and how much they donate. The admin could add the donors into the Donation List if they reach the levels set up by admin.

Especially, administrator could create the donation goals and choose beginning time, ending time of that number, so the receivers could control how many they could take and they can catch up in time with their progress. This add-on also support the donation via PayPal and other payment methods, so it could be really opening for any kinds of supporting. The donors could donate by PayPal, via Bank or via Amazon, just any convenient ways for them.

We understand how difficult to manage such a great number of donations, so we come up with this solution to provide detail statistics about Donation belonging to each goal. Not only the administrators could manage donation, every member could do that in their own windows.

- Admin could rule the donation number or allows user to customize the amount.
- The user could choose to donate in the Anonymous status and(or) revealing the number in public or private.
- Admin could edit the donations of member, also confirm that user is confirming or not confirming.
- Display detail information of the goal: Percentage donated, number of Donors, Goal reaching, and beginning time according to the moment.
- Users could control their donation with authority of administrators.
- Administrator could create the Award system that means with each level of donation, user could receive an award from the system.
- There is the automatic system to send messages honoring for the user’s contribution.
- May import/export all the data about the contribution of users. (ex: importing from vBDonation).
- (Advanced Feature) Could add other payment gates besides PayPal. Now supported donate via Paypal, Credits Premium, Bitcoin.
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