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Ali Raza

Brivium - Limit Posting Links 1.0.6

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Limit Posting Links has the exact features like its name. It helps administrator to limit the number of links inside a thread/post and to decide who could insert link inside the content.

This add-on could reduce spam, ads when only active members could post links.
Active member is someone who has posted, commented on the thread/site to post links. The administrator could decide how many posts for members to start posting links. This could help avoid some bad content which be abused by unhealthy purposes.

- Permission to require X posts to post URLs.
- Permission for max URLs per post.
- Option to set the number of posts to get rel="dofollow" on the link.
- Ability to choose forums will be ignored to limit URL on post.
- Ability to input URLs will be ignored to limit URL on post.

Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt
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