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Ali Raza

Change Threads/Posts Owner (Premium) 1.2.10

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You want to change user's time of a post from a previous year into near time recently or change the name of post owner into any users or even you - the administrator? Here is our solution for you "Change Threads/Post Owners".

This add-on allows you to switch your name displayed under any threads
and selecting time of post/thread. Every change will leave a notice in the moderation log. We also support you inline moderation to change multiple threads/posts and some template of modified system. Application could suggest owner user’s name based on its memory and the number of post/like of users involved in will be increased or decreased subject to administrator’s choice.

  • Can change owner and date of selected post and thread.
  • Can suggest owner username.
  • Post count of involved users will be increased/decreased.
  • Like count of involved users will be increased/decreased.
  • Thread and forum counters of involved threads and forums will be rebuild.
  • Every change will leave a notice in moderation log.
  • Support inline moderation to change multiple posts/threads.
  • Support template modification system.

Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt
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