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Ali Raza

CTA Featured Threads & Portal 2.17.0

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Feature Summary
  • Feature, update, and unfeature threads
    • The title and content can be edited independently of the original thread
  • Polls can be displayed with their accompanying thread or independently
    • The featured thread expiry date can be set to the poll close date
  • Automatic featuring based on selected forums and criteria such as likes, replies, views, post date, reply date
  • Separate page displaying all currently featured threads, with configurable pagination (e.g. 20 threads per page)
    • The featured threads can be sorted based on various criteria, independent of the slider entries
    • Option to enable a sidebar with online users, new posts, profile posts, statistics, custom templates for ads, etc.
  • A dedicated [Home] tab means it can be used as a portal / home / landing page
  • An archive page listing all currently and previously featured threads
    • Tabs on the archive page allow sorting by date, replies, likes, and views
  • RSS feeds for the featured and archive pages
  • Featured threads are displayed on various pages:
    • Forum List
      • Up to 20 featured threads can be displayed
    • Forum View
      • Additional options to show in own, parent, or all forums
    • New / Recent Posts
  • Featured threads can be displayed as blocks only, on the page only, or not at all
  • Featured threads can be promoted to a slider which can be displayed on each of the pages
    • The slider entries can be sorted based on various criteria, independent of the featured threads on the page
  • Custom icons, backgrounds and slider images can be set per featured thread when featuring or updating
    • The first attached image can be applied automatically
    • Icons (and avatars) can be displayed on the left, right, or not at all
    • The images can be uploaded, pulled from a URL, or the attachments from the first post can be used
  • BB Code can be enabled or disabled for manually and automatically featured threads
  • Attachments can be displayed full sized or as thumbnails
  • The latest featured thread can be 'stuck' independently per page
  • Members can dismiss the featured threads from the forum list, forum view and new / recent posts pages
    • Featured threads can be set as dismissible when being featured or updated
  • The associated thread data such as forum, date, likes, views, replies, etc. can be displayed
  • Permission based with separate permissions for:
    • Viewing featured threads
    • Dismissing featured threads
    • Featuring, updating and unfeaturing - 'own' and 'all'
  • Social media sharing icons, with the ability to add custom services
  • Alerts - members are alerted when their thread is featured
  • Criteria for trophies, user group promotions, and notices
  • Most Featured Threads tab on the Notable Members page
  • Featured threads count can be displayed on the message user info block, member card, and profile page
  • A separate profile tab and page for each member, listing all of their featured threads
  • Position counters to enable advertisements and custom content to be inserted between or in the blocks
  • Extensive Options enabling everything to be customised, configured, or even disabled
  • Even more extensive Style Properties allowing for total customisation and control
  • Fully phrased
  • Very light on queries - 1 additional query per page

Ever wanted to feature threads above the forum list, thread list, or on the new/recent posts pages like this?


Well now you can!

What's more, you can also display all currently featured threads on a dedicated page.
An additional option allows you to enable a [Home] tab and set the Index Page Route in the ACP to threads/featured (without a trailing slash), creating a portal or home page.


Password: xenforo.pk
Ali Raza
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