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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
Additional Requirements
Xenforo guests page caching disabled / can be enabled but you need some modification on your config.php (check FAQ)
Visible branding
  • Tested with XF 2.1.
  • Not tested yet with XF 2.0, but i think it should work.
  • Check FAQ section above.
With this addon you can use template syntax in any template like this :

<xf:if is="cutemb_is_mobile()">
    You are using mobile
<xf:else />
    You are not using mobile

<xf:if is="cutemb_is_mobile()">
    You are using mobile

<xf:if is="! cutemb_is_mobile()">
    You are not using mobile

There are even additional functions other than cutemb_is_mobile(), which are :
  • cutemb_is_tablet
  • cutemb_is_android_os
  • cutemb_is_iphone
  • cutemb_is_ipad
  • cutemb_is_ios
  • cutemb_is_chrome
  • cutemb_is_opera
  • cutemb_is_ie
  • cutemb_is_firefox
  • cutemb_is_safari
  • cutemb_is_uc_browser
<xf:if is="cutemb_is_firefox()">
    You are using firefox
<xf:else />
    You are not using firefox

Installation is straightforward, just like installing other addon.
There is no setting page in admin section.

Although this addon is marked as unmaintained, but i will try to answer your questions :)

This addon uses mobile detection library from :

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Latest updates

  1. FAQ Update - Guest Page Caching

    FAQ update about how to handle guest page caching, to cache both mobile & non-mobile versions.