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[OzzModz] Post Areas 2.1.1

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
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This add-on shows how many posts and threads a user created in each sub forum. The overview table is shown in a new user profile tab named „Post Areas“. The 2.0.0 release of this add-on has exactly the same features as the 1.4.3 release for XF1.


  • the table is sorted by post counts in descending order
  • forum names are links to the corresponding forums
  • post / thread counts are links to a search for all posts / threads from the user in the corresponding forum
  • max number of forums shown can be set with an option

Just like in the 1.x releases, the post and thread counts are calculated in real-time. For some forums (particularly for large forums) this could result in a significant performance drop when the post areas of certain users are requested by a visitor. This add-on uses the same „database code“ as the XF1 releases. So if the XF1 version worked/works fine, you won't have performance issues with this add-on. If you want to prevent these kinds of (potential) performance issues you can use Post Areas: Pro Performance
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