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This addon allows you to create complex criteria for advanced trophies or user group promotions with custom PHP code.

For example, you can use:

  • Count the number of threads the user has created in specific forum
  • Analyze users signatures
  • Count the number of likes on single messages
  • Retreive data from addons (like Resource Manager or Question Threads)
  • See how many times (and when) user has edited his post
  • ...
In other words, this addon gives you a full access to xenForo engine and database when creating trophies/promotions.

Moreover you can even combine default xenForo criteria and your custom PHP code!

Your possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

  1. Download an addon archive and unpack it somewhere
  2. Open upload folder and move src folder to your forum root directory
  3. In admin panel go to "Add-ons" section and install "PHP Criteria" addon
Thats it!
You can now create advanced trophies/promotions!

How to use:

When creating a new trophy/promotion you can see a new tab called "PHP Callback":

This tab opens a pane where you can set a path to .php class and an exact method to be executed:

For example, according to the image above we need to create a file Criteria.php at src/addons with the following content:


class Criteria
    public static function trophy_AllForOne(\XF\App $app, \XF\Entity\User $user)

        // Getting the database
        $db = $app->db();

        // Database query for selecting the maximum number of likes for single user post
        $query = "SELECT `likes` FROM `xf_post` WHERE `user_id` = ? ORDER BY `likes` DESC LIMIT 1";

        // Retrieving the maximum number of likes
        $likes = $db->fetchOne($query, [$user->user_id]);

        // Checking that we have a result from database (we do expect a number)
            // Returning true if user has a message with 5 or more likes or false if he has not
            return ($likes >= 5);
            return false;
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