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Ali Raza

Paid [PixelExit] Flat Awesome + 2.2.4

Footer logo placement will now work in blocks 2-5
Block footer text color is legible now when used in the custom footer
Social icons in the footer now show in mobile
Share icon is no longer hidden in mobile when set to circular now
IMPORTANT: Canvas layout logo will now respect the dimensions set under Style properties -> Basic options. If you use Canvas, you made need to adjust your width/height settings here.
  • Added aria-label to the style switcher and sidebar collapse icons for accessibility
  • Editor links will inherit the CSS from Style properties -> Messages -> Message Links
  • Contrast adjustments on every style to help with Web Accessibility
  • RSS Icon in footer styling adjusted to help with Web Accessibility
  • Our custom node icon CSS will only be used if an icon is filled out under Style properties -> Node/forum list
  • Footer container no longer inherits borders / box-shadows by default
  • Search location in sub-navigation fixed when there are no sub-nav links
  • Editor popup/hover buttons corrected
This notification is to get the XF Resource Manager up-to-date.
This update brings the style up-to-date with XenForo 2.1. Please take a backup (export) of your styles before upgrading. For a full change-log along with upgrade/install instructions please see our announcement thread: 2.1 Style Updates
This update is meant for those looking to get a head start on the XF 2.1 release. Since XF 2.1 is currently in beta and is not recommended for a live site, we suggest using this style only on a test forum until 2.1 comes to a stable release.

For the full announcement and change-log please see: 2.1 Beta 2 Style Updates

For upgrade instructions please see: Upgrading

You may download the new version in the "Your purchases" area on our site.
We've pushed out our 2.0.10 updates for all active customers. This is a rather large update which you can view the changes here:
2.0.10 Style Updates

Additionally I've created a little showcase of some things that made it into the update:
2.0.10 New items

You may download the update here:

Thank you everyone!
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