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This resource will show a box with the latest topics/posts on board index. The list is automatically updated at every X seconds.

ACP Settings:
  • Block position: Before of After forums categories
  • Display topic author photo
  • Hide the Recent Topics block from mobile devices
  • Hide the Recent Topics block from small screens devices (tablet, netbook, notebook, etc.)
  • Number of topics to show
  • Ability to update member's personal number of topics setting to meet the Admin CP setting
  • Display Moderator Options: Moderator Options will appear only to those who can moderate content
  • Show block to specific groups
  • Display topics from Clubs
  • Exclude Forums: option to select which forums to NOT pull topics from
  • Display effect and flash message when the list get updated
  • Time to automatically update the topics list
Member Setings (Account Settings):
  • Display Recent Topics
  • Number of topics to show
  • Exclude topics from
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