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Referral Contests by Siropu 1.1.7

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Main Features

  1. Create referral contests (NOT mandatory for referral links to work)
  2. Make your board invitation only (Optional)
Admin Features

  1. Create and manage contests
  2. Create and manage referral tools: banners, text links
  3. View who referred who
  4. View who invited who
  5. Create invitations
Contest Options

  1. Contest Name
  2. Contest Description
  3. Referral Minimum Posts - The minimum posts required by referrals in order to be considered valid.
  4. Contest End Date
  5. Trophy Points Prize (1st Place)
  6. Trophy Points Prize (2nd Place)
  7. Trophy Points Prize (3rd Place)
  8. Contest Enabled
Admin Options

  1. Set referral URL parameter (The URL parameter used in the referral links)
  2. Track HTTP Referrer
  3. Use Profile Page as Referral Link
  4. Display Referral Link in User Dropdown Menu (Never, Always, If there are active contests)
  5. Display Referral Link in Sidebar (Never, Always, If there are active contests)
  6. Display Page Referral Link in Footer (Never, Always, If there are active contests)
  7. Enable Copy To Clipboard Button
  8. Display Referral Count
  9. Display Referral Block in Member Profile Sidebar
  10. Referral Trophy Points (Optional - Set the number of trophy points a referrer will receive for each referred member)
  11. Referral Minimum Posts (Referrers will receive trophy points only after referrals make x posts)

  12. Contest Display Position: Above Forum List, Sidebar Top, Custom - Using template callback
  13. Enable Navigation Tab (If enabled, a tab will be added to navigation, linked to referral contests page)
  14. Display Tab Contest Count
  15. Make Board Invitation Only (If enabled, registration will be available via member invitation only)
  16. Enable Invitation Page (If enabled, the invitation will be linked to a custom invitation page)
  17. Invitation Page Description
  18. Invitation URL Parameter (The URL parameter used in the invitation links)
User Permissions
  1. Refer Members
  2. View Contests
  3. Send Invitations - limit
  4. Invitations Per Day - limit
Users will get alerts when they refer new users and also when winning contests.

Note: If multiple contests are created, users can't choose in which contests to participate. They participate in all contests and referrals are validated based on the creation date of the contest.

Support for [bd] Banking, [TH] Credits and [DBTech] Credits is included as a separate free Add-on.
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