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Ali Raza

SEO (SEO2) 2.3.0 Beta 5

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
Decide for yourself and effectively which content is indexed from the search engine. This happens either automatically or manually.
There are extensive rules in the forum preferences.

When creating a thread, you can immediately influence the "noindex","index","nofollow" and "follow" Robot Meta specifications.

- Robot Index global for all Threads
- Robot Follow global for all Threads
- Robot Index global for all XF RM -> Resources
- Robot Follow global for all XF RM -> Resources

:Extensive settings
- NoIndex for threads with fewer X words
- Only on the first page of a thread
- In all posts of a thread

- NoIndex for threads whose posts have no attachments
- Only in the first post
- In no post in a thread

- NoIndex always from page x
- NoIndex at a thread age of X days
- NoIndex after X days since last post

- NoIndex for threads that have a specific prefix

:OG:Images for:
- Threads per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
- Foren per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
- Categories per Direkt Imagelink or Upload

:Extra SEO for Images
- set ALT / Title for Images automatically* or manually

- remove noIndex Threads from the Sitemap
- remove noIndex Ressources from the Sitemap

*Automatically: the following variables are available:
{threadtitle}, {forumtitle}, {username}, {postdate}, {posttime}, {boardtitle}, {postid}, {threadid}, {filename}, {threaddate}, {threadtime}

Ali Raza
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Latest updates

  1. 2.3.0 BETA5

    Change log: [fixed] Some small bugs.
  2. 2.1.2

    [add] Option: description length customizable [fixed] better recognition of IMG bbCodes
  3. 2.1.1

    [fixed] OG:image / Wrong OG image was displayed [fixed / changed] Forum edit: meta...
  4. 2.1.0

    [fixed] Googlenews: Date [fixed] Googlenews: Language [fixed] Googlenews: structure [fixed]...
  5. 2.0.0

    [add] Own Thread: Change Meta Title [add] Own Thread: Change Meta Description [add] Own Thread...

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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.3.0 Beta 5
The downloaded file does not open. Archive error
A very practical, very complete and above all regularly updated add-on with new features
Best Seo Addon foro XenForo 2.x , i love it, work perfect
I like this tool. It has many useful functions on board and support responds quickly to questions and requests.