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Free Shades of Grey 2.1.10

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Shades of Grey is now a single download with the default accent color of "blue".

If you liked the "cream" colored accent style previously offered (or any other color for that matter), simply go to:
Admin CP > Appearance > Style Properties > Shades of Grey > Color Palette > Color 4 and change it to rgb(226, 226, 188) (see image below)

Color Palette.jpg

Also, I've added some additional CSS to enlarge the unfurl image (see examples below), because I felt the image was too small.
You can delete the code in the "extra.less" file if you do not like the change.




Change log:
  • Added missing borders
  • Tweaked tab colors to ensure consistency
  • Returned/replaced orange tab with the green tab on "Blue accent" style
  • Multiple other minor fixes and enhancements
  • Added version numbers to file names for easier recognition
Sorry for all the updates, but the style had additional issues that needed to be resolved. This should be the last update for a long while unless somebody discovers a major issue.

Change Log:
  • Further adjusted shading
  • Darkened (subdued) right side scrollbar
  • Other miscellaneous tweaks
A few Changes...

Added Blue button back
Slightly darkened all grey shades by 5

NOTE: I will be working on a few other issues this week, so there will be another release in the coming days
A quick fix until I can get the buttons to work a little better.
The style has been completely reworked from the ground up, and has a slightly different look. I spent a tremendous amount of time creating the style over the last few days, so I hope you like it. There may be some items I missed, so just let me know if you find any.

I tried my best to blend the shades a little closer to give it a more aesthetic look. If you get a chance, please let me know what you think about it.
  • Compliance Update
  • Changed avatar background to match user info area
Sorry for another update, but there were additional extraneous templates discovered, so hopefully I have them all cleaned out. Thanks to @Kevin
Small update, but an important one. @imno007 discovered that while typing/creating "Tags", the text was hard to see. The text was made white.

If you don't wish to re-download and install the update, you can add the following code to your "extra.less" file to fix the problem.

Go to:
AdminCP > Appearance > Styles > Shades of Grey (Cream accent) - Templates
> and search for the "extra.less" file and add the following code:

/*****  Tag input field text fix  *****/
.select2 .select2-selection ul .select2-search .select2-search__field {
    color: rgb(222, 222, 222);
At first glance, it may look the same as the previous version, but it is not ...Well, not exactly, anyway. I took the time to further blend the colors and shades to make it look the best I could. I also moved much of the CSS into the style properties area so as to make the "extra.less" file less crowded
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