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Free Shades of Grey 2.1.10

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It was brought to my attention that the font color displayed with the BB Code was hard to read, so I changed all of them to pastel colors. They stand out better now and are easier read against the dark background. If you never use the "Code" BB Code insert, you don't need this update.


Minor update making the "Reports" number visible after selecting :
The last version (2.5) had an enlargement setting in the CSS for avatar size. This caused an issue with the mobile avatar size, and because of this, I have removed the snippet of code and re-uploaded the Shades of Grey files. If you don't feel like downloading and re-installing, all you have to is delete this code snippet as explained below, and the default XenForo Avatar size will go back to default.

Simply go to:

Appearance > Styles > Shades of Grey > Templates

and search for "extra.less" and look for

.avatar.avatar--m {
     width: 120px !important;
     height: 120px !important;
Delete this code snippet and that should fix the problem.
Okay, I located the issue with my personal logos and favicons and all should be removed now. I also changed the "Style type" to "Dark." When I originally created the style, I didn't think it really made a difference what was checked, or the purpose of the two different types, but after downloading an "Add-on" I recently purchased, I realized what the setting was actually used for. Apparently, some add-ons may call for the style to match a dark or light theme, so it can be used in multiple themes.

I recommend that all users download and upload the latest version of the style.

Sorry again for the repeated updates, but I had to make it right.

NOTE: To better illustrate the "Style type" settings, check out these two links on my site while paying particular attention to the "Discord" Widget
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