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Ali Raza

AndyB Similar threads 6.0

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Similar threads v6.0 changes:

Added bottom margin to similar threads block. Also updated PHP code to prevent server error logs if elasticsearch is not available.
Added additional code to prevent server error logs during times when elasticsearch is not available.
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Similar threads v5.8 changes:

Added additional CSS to the andy_similarthreads.less template. This allows adjusting the margin of the similar threads block.
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Similar threads v5.7 changes:

Removed auto close function. Similar threads now remain displayed while composing message.
Similar threads v5.6 changes:

Similar threads in responsive now shows just the thread titles.
Similar threads v5.5 changes:

  • Fixed issue when quick thread is disabled. JavaScript error was showing when quick thread was used.
Similar threads v5.3 changes:

Fixed issue dealing with getting the correct node_id during thread creation. Now properly supports URL portion.
Similar threads v5.2 changes:

Fixed issue where server errors were logged if Elasticsearch was not found or available.
Similar threads v5.1 changes:

Fixed issue with Enhanced search and XF v2.0x.
Similar threads v5.0 changes:

Added HTTPS support for the enhanced search option.
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