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Slider responsive - ThemesCorp.com 2.0.0

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This add-on allows you to create a Slider Responsive for your forum!

There are transitions effects between each image..

In this new version, we added a Slider in the sidebar!
It is independent from the other slider, what allows you to show different images in the slider Sidebar that in the Slider above the forums.

- Slider (Above forum list): 12 images available
- Slider (Sidebar): 10 images available

So there are two different Slider, one above forum list (with 2 possible locations), and one in the sidebar.

For the above forum list type, you have 2 choices of locations, one just above the Forums List and one which will take the total width of the forum which will be placed below the navigation bar. (Look Screen)

A Usergroup permission allows you to set who can see the Slider Responsive.

You can display the slider only on Forum List or on All Pages

There are 2 types of loader:
- Pie (cercle)
- Bar

We have created style properties that allow you to easily customize the wrapper of sliders!

For the Slider sidebar, you have two different views:
- With title and wrapper
- Without title and wrapper

To simplify use, we add tabs in the add-on options in order to easily edit each image.

For each image, you can:
- Enable image
- Add url image
- Add Caption
- Add link (with option for open link in new window)

Features for each slide (Slider Sidebar / Slider Forum List):
- Height
- Time between images
- Transition Times
- Caption opacity
- Alignment
- Loader
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