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SVG Template by Xon 2.1.6

No permission to download
Compatible XF Versions 2.x
2.0, 2.1
Additional Requirements
php 5.6+
Visible branding
Depending on configuration, this add-on requires webserver URL rewrite support!

Allows SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images to be stored as templates. This creates a new svg.php file in the XF root directory.

To generate a link to an SVG template;

{{ getSvgUrl('tempate.svg') }}
Under Board information, if "Use Full Friendly URLs" (useFriendlyUrls) is set the URL generated is:



Nginx URL rewrite config

location ^~ /data/svg/ {
access_log off;
rewrite ^/data/svg/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/([^\.]+).svg$ /svg.php?svg=$4&s=$1&l=$2&d=$3 last;
return 403;
Contributing features or bug fixes
Please create a Github Pull request via the "More Information" link.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 2.1.6 - Maintenance update

    Compatibility fix for Lazy Image loader add-on when Threadmarks Pro is installed
  2. 2.1.5 - Bugfix update

    Fix that svg templates may not be correctly rendered when friendly URLs are disabled.
  3. 2.1.4 - Bugfix update

    Fix caching non-existent svg templates not returning a 404 Do not include a message body, and...
  4. 2.1.3 - Maintenance update

    Support Redis Cache saving gzip cached streams to cache system without decoding server side
  5. 2.1.2 - Bugfix update

    Fix getSvgUrl would generate invalid svg links when viewed by a user who has not explicitly set...

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