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[TH] Post Comments 1.0.2 Patch Level 2

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Post Comments

This product allows you to have your members reply directly to a post and have it display nested and inline.

By Default, XenForo will require use of bbcode to reply or quote a message. This add-on extends XenForo to allow for a nested experience when replying to a post, whereby the message is kept tabbed in and nested under the quoted post.

Many niche sites and forums will prefer this experience when topics require more detailed discussion and threads can get derailed. This keeps the main topic of discussion direct and on topic and other discussions that require clarification, follow-up, or not useful to the primary discussion away and organized.

General Features:

  • Threaded inline posts and comments
  • Set the nested level maximum depth
  • Similar feel to how Reddit, Facebook, and other social media sites handle comments
  • Works with XPress and UI.X
  • Support for most major add-ons
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need more quality to work good its not compatible with post 100% need more smoth