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[TH] Question and Answer Forums 1.1.4 Patch Level 2

No permission to download
  • Resolves an issue that would lead to threads being sorted by last post date instead of votes when accessing a post via direct post link on Q&A threads.
  • Added Q&A Related Thread List Filters
  • Fixed malformated URL in vote alerts.
  • Added an option to always show the best answer under the first post when sorting by post date.
  • Resolved an issue that would always mark threads as QA threads in certain setups.
  • Resolved an issue that would prevent the QA status toggle from being shown on thread creation when the user had no permission to edit his own posts.
  • Improved styling of up/down vote buttons.
  • Made status indicators, up/down vote and best answer icons modifiable through style properties.
  • Resolved an unknown template error.
  • Resolved an issue that would show non-question threads on the "unanswered question" new posts section.
  • Added new "Add question status to any thread" moderator permission.
Bugs fixed:
  • Rebuild user vote caches takes too long on sites with lots of users
  • Incorrect number formatting for member stats
  • Deleting thread takes too long on sites with large number of users
  • Error: BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range
  • Added ability to automatically mark threads as answered
  • Selecting/deselecting question/answer prefix now selects/deselects the question status checkbox when creating/editing a thread
  • Added new permissions to allow users to add/remove question status
  • Added "rebuild post vote caches" cache rebuilder
  • Added profile Block showing users' best answers
  • Unanswered threads filter added to New posts page, with link added to Forum statistics
  • User permissions now in separate permission interface group
  • Added question status to bulk thread update tool
Bugs fixed:
  • Voting user vote count cache is changed on vote instead of voted for user
  • Votes not properly removed on thread change/delete
  • Posts missing from Q&A forum thread if Post Comments enabled (requires update to Post Comments)
  • Uninstaller removes wrong column in xf_thread
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Bugs fixed:
  • Importing from [n] Best Answers add-on no longer throws errors
  • Fixed a 'Call to a member function last() on array' function
  • Q&A statistics no longer include deleted threads (once rebuilt)
Bugs Fixed:

The "post thread" button now correctly reads "Ask a question" on Q&A Forums.
  1. Question and checkmark are now color coded to match with the status of the Q&A Forums
  2. Added Unanswered Threads and Latest Answering Users widgets
  3. Added User Statistics under the Members tab
  4. Added Statistics which can be viewed under Logs -> Statistics in the administrative panel

Importer for [n] Best Answer / Q&A System add-on
Up/down voting now process through AJAX and doesn't require a page reload
Ability to hide posts if the votes fall below a specified threshold

Bugs Fixed:

Error when using certain user criteria (when using User promotions, for example)
View vote details permission not applied correctly

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