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[TH] Slack 1.1.1

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What does this add-on do?

[TH] Slack will allow your team to keep up with new content, reports and certain moderator actions in real time. Certain actions, which are 100% configurable, will send a notification to a specified slack channel outlining the action that has occurred.

How do I use it?
We have complete documentation available for this add-on here


  • Sends notifications for admin-specified actions
  • Everything is customizable
  • Can specify SlackBot username, and avatar on each individual action type
  • Developer-friendly, and easy to extend and add your own custom actions as long as you are familiar with XenForo development
  • Currently supported actions:
    • Thread
      • New thread created
      • New thread requiring moderation created
      • Thread deleted (Supports hard & Soft deletions)
        • Also sends notification if a deleted thread has been restored
      • Can filter to specific node ID
    • Post
      • New post created
      • New post requiring moderation created
      • Post deleted (Supports hard & Soft deletions)
        • Also sends notification if a deleted post has been restored
    • User
      • New user has registered
      • New user requiring admin approval has registered
      • User has been banned/unbanned
        • Supports manual bans as well as bans triggered by the XenForo warning system
      • User has been deleted
    • Reports
      • New report created
      • New comment on report
        • This will also be triggered if a user reports content that was already reported
      • Report status changed
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Latest updates

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