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[TH] User Criteria Extended 1.0.5 Patch Level 2b

Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
Visible branding
User Criteria Extended

Heavily extends the range of available user criteria by adding opposite criteria for most existing criteria, along with a whole range of new criteria that can mostly be derived from the existing XenForo criteria setup with no additional calculation effort.


Additional criteria:
  • User profile and options
    • User is NOT browsing in the selected language
    • User has (not) filled in "About you" field
    • User has (no) signature
    • User has (not) filled in "website" field
  • Behaviour
    • User has recieved at least X warnings
    • User has recieved no more than X warnings
    • User has at least X active warnings
    • User has no more than X active warnings
    • User has at least X warning points
    • User has no more than X warning points
  • Priviledges and status
    • User state is NOT equal to
  • Social
    • User has at least X followers
    • User has no more than X followers
    • User has at least X people following him
    • User has no more than X people following him
    • User is ignoring at least X people
    • User is ignoring no more than X people
  • Connected accounts
    • User is connected with NONE of the selected connect account providers
  • Content and achievements
    • User has created at least X threads
    • User has added at least X tags to content
  • Specific user
    • User name is NOT equal to
    • User name does NOT contain
    • User's email adress does NOT contain
  • Custom user fields:
    • User has provided a value
    • User has provided no value
    • User value matches regular expression
    • Dates
      • Day equals
      • Month equals
      • Year equals
      • Date before
      • Date after
    • Colors
      • Red component above
      • Red component below
      • Green component above
      • Green component below
      • Blue component above
      • Blue component below
    • E-mails
      • Domain matches
    • Numbers
      • Value is below
      • Value is above
Installation, Upgrade and Deinstallation


  1. Upload the content of the upload-folder to your XenForo root directory.
  2. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and install User Improvements
  1. Read the patch notes for potential additional necessary steps!
  2. Upload the content if the upload-folder to your XenForo root directory. Overwrite files when asked.
  3. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and upgrade User Improvements
  1. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and uninstall the User Improvements
  2. Delete the following folders inside your XenForo root directory:
    1. src/addons/KL/UserCriteriaExtended/
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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