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[TH] XenBlog 1.1.0

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[TH] XenBlog - Add a blogging system to your forum ..


This add-on adds a blogging system to your forum.

  • Blogging system
  • Assign blogs to categories
  • Attachments supported
  • Admins can add 3 types of blogs:
    • Plain text with BBcode and smiley support
    • HTML
    • PHP (using the $output variable)
  • Add a navigation tab linking to the blog
  • Comment system
  • Display order by:
    • Most recent
    • Last updated
    • Most viewed
    • Most replied
    • Title (alphabetical)
    • Latest comments
    • Most rated
    • Most liked
  • Sort blogs in ascending or descending order
  • Sort comments by date or likes in ascending or descending order
  • New blog indicator for the navigation bar
  • Inline moderation of blogs/comments:
    • Mass delete/undelete
    • Mass approve/unapprove
  • Quick stats
  • Top bloggers
  • Display a select number of blogs on the forum index page
  • Like integration - blog owners receive an alert when their blog is liked
  • Blogs and comments can be edited or deleted by anyone with appropriate permissions
  • Soft or hard delete blogs - soft delete can be restored
  • Time limits for editing/deleting blogs
  • Maximum length settings for blogs and comments (excluding staff members)
  • Tagging integration - tagged users receive an alert
  • Daily limits on blog posts or comments
  • Reply alert - author receives an alert when a comment is posted on their blog
  • User group permissions can be set for blogs or comments to be moderated before being posted
  • Report integration
  • Sitemap integration
  • What's New integration
  • Search integration
  • Newsfeed integration
  • Moderation log integration
  • Users will not see blog posts by users they ignore
  • View IP permissions extended to view IP of blog poster or commenter
  • Admin blog tools:
    • Stick/Unstick blog
    • Enable/Disable blog
    • Enable/Disable comments
    • Prune comments
    • Prune ratings
    • See which users viewed the blog
    • See which users are watching the blog
  • Recount and rebuild to delete blogs, comments, and ratings by deleted users and guests
  • Notable page with a list of the top bloggers
  • Top commenters listed in a block on the blogs page

We hope the following screenshots will give an insight into how [TH] XenBlog can benefit your community:

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