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Ali Raza

Vertiforo 1.7.9

No permission to download
Compatible XF Versions 2.x
Visible branding

  • Full responsive
  • Dark & Orange colors (default). Custom colors for main color areas
  • Xenforo 2.1 (latest version)
  • Nodes custom backgrounds in forum edit
  • Free premade headers in download
  • Header editable in admin panel
  • Custom footer editable in admin panel
  • Slider panel
  • Announcements panel
  • Sidebar position (left, right or off)
  • Sticky sidebar option
  • Option to change look of posts
  • Collapsable categories
  • Forum and thread background images
Custom Content Slider with lots of options!


Nodes background and custom look


Support for single, double-column, tripple-column nodes!

Custom footer panel with permissions and admin panel:


Advanced header plugin with animations!


Separated sticky posts from other topics


Announcement panel


Custom post look


Background for each forum and topics in it!


Addons that work great with Vertiforo!

Ali Raza
First release
Last update
4.67 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed problem with long topics

    Fixed problem with nodes with long topics titles.
  2. XF 2.1 full support

    Working with latest XF 2.1.
  3. v1.7.6 2.1.0 Beta 6 - Slider bugfix

    fixed background turn on/off option now you are setting logo for responsive design in the same...
  4. Fixed 2.1.0 Beta 2 by Xenforo.PK

    fixed 2.1.0 Beta 2 by Xenforo.PK fixed contentrow fader gradient color fixed borders for node...
  5. many small fixes

    fixed responsive design for ipads and iphones changed way the custom header display elements...

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