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[WMTech] Maintenance Screen PRO Edition for XF 1.1.0

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Every time you install an add-on, rebuild your templates or do other maintenance work in your XenForo ACP (Admin Control Panel) the forum shuts down for a few minutes and all visitors see a blank white screen without any notice only.

This "Maintenance Screen PRO" XenForo Add-On solves that problem. It checks if a blank screen would be shown, intervenes that process automatically and shows a default maintenance screen with a short info to your visitor and asks her to wait a few seconds. As soon as your forum returns, the visitor is automatically redirected to exactly the page she requested initially.

This add-on includes a nicely designed page for the maintenance screen, which you can individualize very easily via the add-on's options page in XenForo's ACP.

Optionally the add-on allows you to use a fully custom designed HTML page for your maintenance screen. It even can be an external PHP file. You also are able to redirect your visitors to any location at the internet, if you like (maybe you own a second forum they should visit meanwhile?).

Need a feature to be able to quickly shut down your forum manually with a nice looking screen? Use "Test Mode" for your maintenance periods!

Current compatibility: XenForo 1.1.5
First release
Last update
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