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XenForo plugin for WordPress 2.3

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I have this little gem for you.This bridge simply recognize logged users from XenForo and allow them to post/comment in WordPress (permission configurable by mapping usergroups between the 2 systems)


  1. Put the "xenforo" directory in the package insides WordPress's "wp-content/plugins" directory.
  2. Activate the plugin from WordPress Dashboard.
  3. In WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings, then XenForo to configure plugin.
    1. You will have to put the XenForo Path. You can use absolute or relative path.
    2. Also, you have to put in your XenForo global salt. This salt is unique when you download XenForo, you can get in following the instruction in the plugin page. However, I recommend you to follow the second method: add a new line into your XenForo config.php (detail instruction available in the plugin page)
    3. Save Changes.
  4. You don't have to worry about misconfiguration, if that happens, the system will disable itself.
Somebody may worries how can they manage their WordPress after connecting it with XenForo.
The answer is simple: XenForo Administrative users will be WordPress's Administrator by default. You can change it later in WordPress Dashboard.

Supports are provided to installed people only. Oops, there's no "Install" button over here :D I was just kidding. Feel free to ask and suggest, I will try my best.

1. Problem with WordPress 3.0.4? Do a manual update instead of auto update and it should work just fine (even with old version of this)
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