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XF Infraction Post 1.3.0

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This is a free version of new thread notification on specified forum ID when user is banned. This was available out of the box on VB message boards and something that was missing once we made migration to xenforo.

This is a free version with very basic features. You basically set the Forum ID where you would like the new threads to be posted and once the user is banned new thread is created with title of USERNAME, and message description, about who banned the user, date user was banned, expiration date and reason for ban.

I already have few things I am writing to improve, and if you have suggestions, I am open for them.


Forum -> Threads

Thread Created for banned user:

PS. if you like the idea please rate this add-on to keep the add-on alive!!!

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Latest updates

  1. Small fix causing errors in the script.

    Created a small fix for errors in the script. Created a new release for more items, but want to...
  2. Some improvements when user is banned though points system

    - If user is banned though points system and points total makes the user banned (then we still...
  3. Feature updates

    Feature updates: - ability to select if you want to post the new thread for each Banned user or...
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