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[XFR] Merge Double User Post 1.2.0

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Prevents posting of two (or more) consecutive messages from user by merging them into one.

  • choose time interval, which will be counted in merging process;
  • disable add-on for selected forums and user groups;
  • enable, disable, customize spacer between messages (text font and size);
  • v.1.2.0 - replace [MERGETIME] tag with timestamp spacer or empty string in old messages;
  • v.1.2.0 - send notifications to users, which are watching thread;
  • v.1.2.0 - update the post date after merging.
Add-on merges messages when folowing conditions are met:

  • last message in the thread belongs to the same user;
  • message was posted in defined time interval;
  • thread isn't created in excluded forum;
  • user isn't member of excluded group.

[MERGETIME] tag will be replaced only in messages older than one week.

Uprading to version 1.2.0.

  • Copy contents of "upload" folder to the root folder of your forum.
    Please, be careful, some FTP clients could revrite contents of the destination folder!
  • Update add-on in the control panel with the xml file from archive.

Since the work of the add-on associated with the change of message content, it is strongly recommended that you will make backup of your database before performing the next step.

  • After the upgrade is complete, check your add-on's settings, and if you are satisfied, you can run the cron entry to replace the [MERGETIME] tag in old messages. For this purpose, in the control panel under "Tools"- "Cron Entries" run task "[xfr] Merge Double User Post: daily cleaning (do not forget to make a backup of the database).


v. 1.2.0

[*] Some code refactorings are made;
[*] Fixed bug when there was possible to sent empty message;
[+] Added possibility to repalce [MERGETIME] tag;
[+] Added cron entry to replace [MERGETIME] tag;
[+] Added possibility to send notifications;
[+] Added possibility to update post date after merging;
[+] Added possibility to replace [MERGETIME] tag after add-on uninstall (if option "Repalce [MERGETIME] tag" is enabled).

v. 1.0.1

[*] Changed the way of showing posts merge time - using XenForo way of showing now (<abbr> or <span> tag and automatically changing text);
[+] Added MERGETIME tag which holds time of merging in it;
[-] Option Spacer Time Format removed.
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