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[XFRM] CoAuthors 1.0.2

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Adds the ability to assign multiple authors for a resource.
The addon is primarily intended for forums on which users publish their projects (for example, plugins for something). Some of them (crafts) are made with someone, as a rule, whether it is something big or complex. In this case, it is usually possible to specify a user in the description, without more.

But sometimes it is necessary to give another author the opportunity to update the resource, edit the description, and so on. How to solve this problem? Generally, as a general rule, they create a common account for their general work (with the permission of the forum administrations, of course). Not good, but a solution.
This addon allows you to solve the problem even more easily: adds the ability to provide other participants with the update and modification of the resource.

If there are, in addition to the main author, other users, a block is added to the sidebar:

The text CoAuthors is clickable and opens a small model:

If there are no co-authors, the block is not displayed. In this case, to add users to "collaborators" in the Actions menu, there is a Manage Contributors button:

For co-authors, a simple system of rights is provided:
Modify the description of the resource
Resource Edit Icon
Post updates
PS: the user must have access to the management of the collaborators to be able to add collaborators on his resources!
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