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  1. CyberDevil

    How to Hide forum title only on forum list

    @TenshiiAshley I am checking your knowledge. :p:p
  2. CyberDevil

    urgent help please

    Bro Always use the latest version of PHP for xenforo forum
  3. CyberDevil

    How to Hide forum title only on forum list

    Hi, Now I am sharing tutorial: How to hiide forum title only on forum list Just add this code to extra.css
  4. CyberDevil

    How to hide the Header

    Hi, Now I am sharing a tutorial: How to hide the header Just add codes to CSS done!
  5. CyberDevil

    XF2 iO Dark Mode

    Resources Updated : iO Dark Mode with a new update entry: IO Dark Theme Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. CyberDevil

    Requests FLine 2.7 -

    Fline is a new, unique theme for your forum. Great design combined with a huge number of settings. The theme is suitable for any forums of different directions. Added new types of articles and sliders with the possibility of editing. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8680-%F0%9F%94%A5-fline/
  7. CyberDevil


    I found this forum today and very excited to become an active member of this forum. I have a little bit of knowledge about xenforo forum and it is time to enhance it. Thanks to @XenForo
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