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Leah Pipes

XF2 [BS] Real time chat 1.1.2

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Leah Pipes

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Leah Pipes submitted a new resource:

[BS] Real time chat - Live chat for you forum.

See FAQ before install


  • All changes occur in real time (new post, delete, edit, etc.)
  • Editing own/all messages
  • Deleting own/all messages
  • Clear chat (/clear command)
  • Command handlers
  • Chat notifications
  • Sound notifications in chat
  • Chat ad above messages
  • The username of the user who is currently typing a message
  • Insert username by clicking on it
  • Insert and process BB codes
  • Mention via the /to command
  • Private messages via the /pm...

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Leah Pipes

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Resources Updated : [BS] Real time chat with a new update entry:


  • Added a new type of server communication with the client. Long polling.
    • This type is a bit slower than web sockets, but the chat will still be in real time.
    • This type does not require additional configuration. You just need to specify the maximum duration of the request.
      • I advise you to set 15-25 seconds.
    • This type loads the server more than web sockets.
    • There is the possibility of developing new adapters for the exchange...

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Leah Pipes

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