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XF2 Known Bots 3.9.0

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Alexander submitted a new resource:

Known Bots - Adds additional definitions for bot detection in sessions

This XenForo 2.0 addon adds additional definitions for bot detection in sessions.


This addon requires PHP 5.4 or higher and only works on XenForo 2.0.x


When you look at Current Visitors, you'll see additional robots identified - also look at the "Robots" list on that page


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Ali Raza

Staff member
Alexander updated Known Bots with a new update entry:


Same version, new addon_id.

If you already have v2.0.0 installed, there is no need to upgrade. There is no new functionality in v2.0.0a. New installations should use this v2.0.0a version to ensure compatibility with future releases.

Due to the change in addon_id, upgrading from v2.0.0 to v2.0.0a is not supported - but there is no data stored with this addon, so simply uninstalling v2.0.0 before installing v2.0.0a will be sufficient.

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Resources Updated : Known Bots with a new update entry:

v3.6.0 weekly bot updates

  • new Cubot phone false positives:
    • cubot cheetah 2
  • weekly new bots:
    • better uptime bot
    • btcrawler
    • crawler_eb_germany_2.0
    • dle_spider.exe
    • dyno mapper crawler
    • flockbrain robot
    • infoobot
    • microadbot
    • nesotebot
    • reachabilitycheckbot
    • se ranking gentle bot
    • seobilitybot
    • siteguru linkchecker
    • statonlinerubot
    • tombot
    • viulinkcrawler
    • webgains-bot'
    • _zbot

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Resources Updated : Known Bots with a new update entry:

v3.8.0 weekly bot updates

weekly new bots:
  • ag_dm_spider
  • aihitbot
  • avocetcrawler
  • b2b bot
  • checkbot
  • em-crawler
  • feedsearch-crawler
  • fullstorybot
  • krzana-rss-bot
  • mediacloud bot for open academic research
  • mlbot
  • niuebot
  • ocarinabot
  • prft-bot
  • qwantbot
  • rasabot
  • riverbot
  • rytebot
  • sabsimbot
  • scribbr-citation-bot
  • seodiver
  • snapbot
  • solomonobot
  • temeliobot-keyword-scrapper
  • vsusearchspider
  • your-search-bot

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