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Thread Filter by AddonsLab 3.3.0

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Frank submitted a new resource:

Thread Filter by AddonsLab - Performance-optimized thread filter and search based on custom fields

Add-On Overview

The add-on allows to filter and search threads based on Custom thread fields. The idea is to allow admins to utilize the power of custom thread fields to turn their forums into Directory, Classifieds, Shop or other types of content, for which filtering the data based on custom fields is vital.

Here is the filter with AJAX reloading of the list in action...
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Resources Updated : Thread Filter by AddonsLab with a new update entry:

Dependency added: [AL] Core Package

This is a minor release, that changes the way the add-on is using some of our shared PHP classes. From now on, the add-on will require a core library package from [AL] Core Package to be installed. Please download the package and install it before upgrading the add-on. Please upgrade all other AddonsLab add-ons you are using to their latest versions if you see an error in the Admin Panel about files with unexpected...
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