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XF2 What's New Digest 5.0.3a

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Frank submitted a new resource:

What's New Digest - Sends daily or weekly emails containing highlights of what's new

This XenForo 2.0 addon sends a daily or weekly email to users with a list of top new threads and top updated threads.

Configuration settings:

A test tool is included to validate settings and to send test emails:

Users can set their preferred...

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Resources Updated : What's New Digest with a new update entry:

v4.0.3 bugfix



  • ignore users who don't have an email address
  • mail template tweaks
  • remove old class extensions that shouldn't be there
  • bugfix: we weren't setting $total in the controller even though we passed it in the template parameters, we don't actually need it for display_totals and php 7.3 now errors when we pass an unset variable to compact(), so removing it

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Resources Updated : What's New Digest with a new update entry:


No changes to functionality - but I removed all of the testing code from the release package.

There is no need to install this version if you already have v5.0.3 installed - it won't fix the problem and there is no new code.

If you have already installed 5.0.3 and you want to clean up the additional files, you can safely remove the following files and directories under src/addons/Hampel/WhatsNewDigest/...:
  • composer.json
  • composer.lock...

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