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XF2 XenForo License Verification 3.3.2

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Frank submitted a new resource:

XenForo License Verification - XenForo License Verification

This add-on allows you to verify the XenForo License validation token of your visitors either during registration or after.

There are options to require a valid license to register (and this works even when registering via a connected account), as well as requiring a unique license or customer.

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Resources Updated : XenForo License Verification with a new update entry:

3.3.2 - Bugfix & Maintenance update

  • Improve handling of errors from the API
    • Remove broken "rate limit action" option, this option didn't work.
    • When bulk checking users, include deliberate delay of 10 seconds per batch. If an API error occurs, then defers processing for 30 minutes.
  • Fix use of transactions wrapped a HTTP request (ie possible very slow query warning)

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